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viernes, 18 de junio de 2010


El blog es MOSTRO!!
Fácil algunas bloggers ya la siguen y las que no...
El blog recién esta desde Febrero pero PROMETE MUCHO obvio no???
si Anna Dello Russo lo lidera!
Ella expone sus looks!, te responde consultas, te cuenta un poco de ella y masssss...
De verdad un blog que te engancha ...  a mi me engancho!

"Dear nerds and bloggers,
it's Anna speaking!
Many people always ask me if my blog is really mine.
Of course it is!

I'm spending so much time and i'm putting so many energy in this project.

When i started i dont had any idea about this media.
That's why i starded slowly slowly to get confidence with this new language.

It was more an archive of images, a library of outfits, a collection of labels...

I would like to express myself in my visionary way and day by day i make a little step.

A lot of Love."

Buen FIN!!!


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