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miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009


Por el 50 Aniversario de nuestra querida BARBIE ... la curvilinea Kim Kardashian posa para KURV Magazine en una sesion de fotos FABULOSA!! jajaj
en particular me encanta y MAS los OUTFIT que lleva puesto!
Segun leo,  Kim se volvio Blondie para esta editorial!
cambiaso eh?



Tony Duran “...The idea behind the shoot was to capture the different characters of Barbie—western Barbie, Safari Barbie, etc. But I wanted the shoot to look like a timeless fashion shoot as opposed to a caricature -so for the most part we kept the clothing all in blacks and deep greys-very monochromatic. Kim’s hourglass figure was the basis of the story and different interpretations of her blonde hair showcased the character. We tended to go extreme with the hair to give it a bit of a push editorially, but keeping the classic side of the shoot shining through. We went with vintage pieces to authentically represent each character fashion wise...”

... y cuando la portada de KEN?? ☺


2 comentarios:

Fashion dijo...

I love these shots!! They are cool!!

kaia. dijo...

Si que tal cambiaso!pero no se le ve mal asi de rubia, linda sesion de fotos~